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AK Music


Our mission is to provide a hub for creative learning and audio production in Central PA.

AK Beatz LLC and Studio 117 are looking to pair up with local businesses and experienced individuals to bring unique music education programs to Central Pennsylvania. As a team of young, successful, and motivated individuals who are passionate about our careers and the betterment of our community, we are a great solution to the lack of music based programming in our educational system that allows the youth to connect their core curriculum classes to creativity. We believe that the youth do not see us a teachers but as mentors who are working to help them attain a brighter future. Working on something "cool" has kept our interns and students out of trouble and on the right path to taking ownership in one of the many careers in the music or entertainment industry. 


Many local schools have cut music and arts related programs out of their budget because they feel that they are non-essential classes.  While these programs may not be as essential to some students, many students prefer to learn and actually perform better in classes involving music and arts. Traditionally, left brained thinkers are more organized and systematic while right brained thinkers are more creative and intuitive. Many current school programs exercise and test their students' abilities to solve problems in an organized and systematic manor but completely ignore the creative processes that certain individuals may use to understand these problems.  This is why many people feel that they don't use certain methods that they learned in school to solve problems in real-life scenarios.  We feel that, an organized method is essential to solving many problems, but many people will need to get creative and intuitive in their workplace or in everyday life to succeed.  For many, a link between creativity and traditional core curriculum classes are a must.

  • We provide Youth Career Exploration Program designed to introduce new career paths to the youth in a safe environment.
  • We provide a Music Residency that fuses core curriculum with music education.
  • We hosts an Art Gallery where local artists can display and sell their work at no cost.
  • We offer internships, mentorships, and job shadows for high school and college students
  • We host city-wide jam sessions where our community can come and express creativity and network with other talented individuals.

  • We have successfully coordinated an educational "Career Exploration Program" with YCAL, capturing the interest of 20 students from 8 school districts in York County.
  • We have provided a number of students with professional audio equipment for continued involvement in their craft at home.
  • We were awarded a platinum plaque for music generating over 20 million views in multiple countries.
  • We provide a professional creative environment for over 180 clients from all genres.
  • We open our doors to the community and provide family oriented activities for thousands of First Friday participants.
  • We offer an interactive internship program for aspiring high school and college students with 10 successfully completed internships in the past year.
  • We stimulate economic development by attracting new business to the downtown  area.


We have partnered with a few organizations to make these programs possible but currently, all funding is directly from AK Beatz LLC exclusively.  Individuals can become a sponsor by donating funds to the program.  A business may be able to become a sponsor by donating funds or by trading services that would benefit the program. AK Beatz is a for profit company which is in the process of starting an additional 501c3 to make our education program possible. To accept grant money, tax credits, or non-profit funding to support our education programs, AK Beatz can partner with existing Non-Profit companies as a fiscal sponsor.  This will be a mutual agreement allowing AK Beatz to receive funding through the Fiscal Sponsor organization.  Please contact AK Beatz LLC at [email protected] if you would like to become a fiscal sponsor.

  • York County Alliance for Learning
  • Junior Achievement of South Central PA
  • PA Council on the Arts
  • The Salvation Army of York
  • Kaotica Eyeball
  • Lancaster Education Foundation
  • YRK Magazine
  • Recording, Radio, Film Connection & CASA Schools (RRFC)

Equipment Costs:
  • (6) Macbook Pro Laptop = $7,200
  • (6) Audio Interface = $1,200
  • (6) Magic Mouse = $420
  • (6) Tables = $1,200
  • (12) Headphones = $1,200
  • (30) Chairs = $900
  • Equipment/Laptop Cabinet = $400
  • Projector = $800
  • Projector Screen = $150
  • SSL XL-Desk Mixing Console = $27,000
  • Waves Diamond Plugin Bundle = $3000
  • UAD 10 Plugin Bundle = $1300
  • EWQL Symphonic Orch Bundle = $800

Total =  $45,570