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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:  How much do you charge for studio time?

A:  Pleas see our pricing page HERE

Q:  How much do you charge to make a beat or write lyrics?

A:  Music and lyric composition are creative services that generally are hard to estimate an amount of time for since there are so many factors involved. Generally we will base it on the general studio service fee and we may add a creativity fee depending on the complexity of the composition. 

Q:  I only have an .mp3 file instrumental, can i use it to record my vocals?

A: Using an .mp3 file and recording vocals on top of it is generally a bad idea.  It can be done...but we only work with .mp3 files for low quality demo's or mixtapes.  Since an .mp3 is a lossy format...the file is compressed in size which trims a lot of the audio data resulting in a less than perfect mix.  While a .wav instrumental is a more qualifying file, .wav trackouts are preferred so we can accurately mix the vocal into the instrumental mix and manipulate individual sounds.  If you are using a leased beat, ask the producer for trackouts.  It may be a little more expensive but your song and fans will thank you.

Q: I don't have a credit/debit card to reserve my session, how do i book a session without paying 50% down?

A: Unfortunately, 50% down payment is required to reserve your session. You can mail any payments ahead of time or visit us in studio to drop of the 50% payment.  Once payment is received, we will contact you to book a session.  This must be done so that our software can properly take care of our tax information.

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